The OMFIF Foundation aims to improve the functioning of official financial institutions in global business, finance and civil society.

Established to provide a long-term focus for studying these institutions’ much expanded operations, the OMFIF Foundation will undertake activities in education, research and public policy with partners from many different countries and regions.

The OMFIF Foundation, a not-for-profit body domiciled in London, will operate across the sectors that already provide the focus of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum – central banks, sovereign funds, public pension agencies and other public investment institutions.

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The Foundation will become an independent entity but will operate in its first year in close co-operation with OMFIF as it builds up long-term activities and funding. The Foundation will operate on a broader range than OMFIF with a wider set of partners among public institutions, governments, academia, training and capacity-building companies and other non-commercial bodies.


The OMFIF Foundation will build up activities with like-minded bodies and foundations and develop strategic partnerships around the world.

It will receive donations from and make grants to suitable bodies, e.g. in the research field, with the goal of sharing the research developed in this way for general dissemination.

The basis of the OMFIF Foundation’s work is maximum co-operation to achieve common goals, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity, i.e. pooling forces where this adds to the likelihood of successful outcomes in achieving joint goals in an effective and timely way.

The OMFIF Foundation is non-ideological, bipartisan and non-geographical in focus – in keeping with the global nature of OMFIF’s activities and orientation.

Articles of Association

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